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By Keith Taylor, MBA, Board Member Emeritus, Colorado State Assoc. of Health Underwriters


I founded Health Insurance Advocates in 1991 with one goal – to help you get the highest quality medical insurance in Colorado at the lowest cost.


And our name is our promise: we will advocate for you.


Health insurance companies are large, complex organizations. From getting coverage to ensuring claims are paid, it can be a challenge dealing with them. You’ll enjoy peace of mind when you call me, and have an advocate with 20 years experience on your side.


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But when you sign up for Colorado medical insurance with me, that’s only the beginning of the benefits. Here are just a few of the ways I’ll help you:


1)    Get the Ideal Plan for You – If you call a health insurance company directly, they’ll offer you a number of plans – all their own. But when you call me, you’ll choose the ideal plan from nearly every health insurance company in Colorado. We’ll explore your exact health needs and budget, and will select from every available plan for medical insurance Colorado. And best of all – by law – you’ll pay the same low rate through me as you would buying directly.


2)    Get Faster Decisions and Faster Service – Why navigate an annoying phone tree – or wait on hold forever? Call me. I’m a preferred provider, for example, with Anthem/Blue Cross. With my exclusive direct dial number, I’ll get a decision maker on the phone and get you results – quickly.


“During the past 15 years, Keith has handled the health insurance for every one of my businesses.  Whether a staff of two people or many dozens, Keith has always provided us with the right plan for our needs and budgets.  I highly recommend Keith to anyone looking for health coverage.” – Steve Burton


3)    Get Insurance Despite Conditions – With hundreds of pre-existing conditions, there are many dozens of reasons you might be denied coverage. Call me. Whether full benefit or just basic major medical insurance Colorado, we’ll explore how to get you the coverage you need and deserve.


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4)    Help Ensure Every Legitimate Claim is Paid – Insurers sometimes reject or delay payment on claims. I’m your advocate, and I will help ensure that every legitimate claim is paid.


5)    Annual Insurance Check Up – Life is full of surprises. Perhaps you’ve starting a family – or your family or staff has downsized. Or your health and health concerns have changed. We can check in annually to ensure you’re still getting the ideal medical insurance Colorado, at the lowest possible cost.

Health Insurance Advocates - 27332 E. Otero Pl. Aurora, CO 80016
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